Career Assistance




What are your GOALS?

College students share the same goal. Use their college education to pursue a career. School can provide you with most of the information you need to confidently enter your career. Unfortunately, school doesn’t prepare you for much else.

Why my membership matters: Membership in the International Honor Society connects you with resources created to fills the gaps left open by Career services. Learn what the insiders know (but won’t tell you). Join Today!

Career Decision Making: a career counselor can assist you in learning about different occupations and help identify prospective paths. But the ultimate choice, and responsibility, is yours. Use the resources provided to members to seek out information on where your educational path should take you.

Resume/ Cover Letter Writing: The average recruiter looks at each resume less than 6 seconds. And the Cover letter rarely, if at all. Resume writing is an art. The ability to clearly and concisely “sell” YOU to a prospective employer is as important as everything you have done thus far to get you here. Without a resume which immediately grabs the readers attention and makes them want to learn more your job possibilities are small. We provide you with quality example resumes and key words sure to get you noticed. We break down the resume process and teach you the steps needed to land the interview.

Job Interview Preparation: Every job interview is unique. But there are SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) which most interviewers follow. A quality interviewee will be prepared with information about the position they are interviewing for and the company itself. A little background research goes a long way to showing your interest in the position. IHS gives you common interview questions and answers as well as key points to remain confident in even the toughest interview.

Job Placement:
Your Schools Career services office maintain job listings in your area. They also post part-time job openings for current students and often alert students to internship opportunities. Career services offices host job fairs during which employers visit the campus to recruit those about to graduate. When these avenues are not enough turn to IHS job search. We connect you with tools designed specifically for the student about to enter the work force.