How much are the dues to be an International Honor Society member?

There is a one-time fee of $30 for membership in the INTLHS. The International Honor Society was founded to strengthen the next generation of leaders by providing exclusive access to tools and resources. To achieve our goals we partner with special services to provide students an advantage with access to the tools required to succeed.

These valuable tools include free test prep courses, career guides, job listings, and much more. The combined value of these resources if purchased individually would be well into the thousands of dollars per student. The combined bargaining power of INTLHS allows us to negotiate special pricing. International Honor Society membership is an internationally recognized designation with exclusive privileges. Assessed dues are used to cover applicable license and other fees, fund scholarships, and support INTLHS.ORG Staff Membership. Dues are due on a biannual basis (once every six months). This is necessary in order to keep partner licenses active beyond the six month term.


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